champagne & ocean view Bridal Shower | Pacific Palisades

It isn't every day one of your bestie's is celebrating her wedding season. Abbie holds one big place in my heart. This is the, shall we say "tip of the iceberg" for the emotions I may indulge when it's actually her wedding day. So bear with me, this is good practice. I met Abbie in 2009 when we were random roommates in college. Somehow, I was lucky enough that her fun-loving, spontaneous, infectious energy took a liking to my cautious, basic-bitch, figuring-it-out self. She was different than anyone I had ever met, yet somehow, felt like home. She was, and is, bold, confident, & shamelessly herself. When I feel like I lack any of these qualities, I always have her for guidance. I think I knew I would always feel this way; sentimental for the memories we would someday share, & thankful for her hand in shaping the person I have become. She has always had my best interest in this long-term kinda way. In a true friend kinda way. Anyway - her wedding is one month away & I am getting all the feels. I adore you Abs & can't wait to capture the day you become a wife to your lifelong love. Cheers to your Bridal Shower, in true Abbie fashion, with panoramic views of the Pacific.. Where you belong. xo