My name is Rachel & I’m so glad you’re here!
I am a wedding & lifestyle photographer with an emphasis on a romantic & feminine style. I capture images on film & digital, making me a hybrid photographer. I have absolutely fallen in love with everything that photography embodies; the beauty, the grace, the emotion, & the connection to each other, to the past, and to our favorite pieces of life. It's changed me. I love that photography is so intimate, inviting, & irreplaceable. And not to mention, can seriously be so beautiful. 


My purpose & goal as your photographer is to create heirloom pieces that reflect your love, your joy & your beauty. My photography style can be described as light & airy, and from there, my approach is feminine, romantic & timeless. I love capturing couples on film, as I feel it brings an unmatchable feeling of timelessness & authenticity.


I live in Thousand Oaks with my sweet husband, Nick. We wed in 2015 & life has never been the same; he inspires me, is way too handsome & is literally the mate of my soul.
A few of my favorite things are hand written letters, Jo Malone fragrance, & veggies of any kind. I am in love with oversized bouquets & beautiful dresses.


I found photography when I imaged a fearless life.

Alongside Nick, I pieced together all the little things that moved me, inspired me, & made me feel a connection. I imagined what life I wanted, if I could have any | What I'd go after if I could not fail |  & What I wanted to learn, if I could learn anything. Wedding Photography. 

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